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Traffic Switch and Road Closure Affects Choctaw Cultural Center

Published August 11, 2021

Construction on U.S. Highway 69/75 through Durant is about to create detours that will affect the flow of traffic through the city and access to Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma facilities, including the Choctaw Casino & Resort, the new Choctaw Cultural Center, and more.

Beginning early on Aug. 12, a traffic switch will move the northbound lanes of U.S. Highway 69/75 to the newly constructed East Frontage Road via the new ramp located north of the 9th Street exit. The southbound lanes will be detoured to the newly constructed lanes of the West Frontage Road near the bypass. During this time, the movement for East/West Choctaw Road will be temporarily interrupted to make the switch to allow contractors to complete the permanent lanes of U.S. Highway 69/75 from 9th Street to the U.S.70 Bypass.

On Monday, Aug. 16 beginning at approximately 7 a.m., the intersection at Choctaw Road and Highway 69/75 will be temporarily closed. This will restrict east/west movement of traffic for approximately 20 days. The Choctaw Casino & Resort, eastside Travel Plaza, Choctaw Event Center, Choctaw KOA RV Park, and Choctaw Nation Headquarters campus can only be accessed from 9th Street or from Choctaw Road via the northbound Service Road (on the eastside of the highway).

Also, during that time, to reach the Choctaw Nation Cultural Center at 1919 Hina Hanta Way in Calera, Travel Plaza and Choctaw elder and rental housing, all west of the highway, use these directions:

Coming from the North

  • Drive south on either the Highway 69/75 Service Road or Cale Switch Road (see map, as there are several ways to reach these two, including via the U.S. Highway 70 overpass),
  • Turn onto Choctaw Road,
  • Enter the Choctaw Nation Travel Plaza/Casino Too/Burger King, Choctaw housing, or Choctaw Cultural Center.


Coming from the South

  • On Highway 69/75, turn west at the Main Street traffic light into Calera, Go west on 3rd Street, which becomes Cale Switch Road,
  • Turn onto Choctaw Road,
  • Enter the Choctaw Nation Travel Plaza/Casino Too/Burger King, Choctaw housing, or Choctaw Nation Cultural Center.

Routes map
Map provided by Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, GIS

Routes to Choctaw Nation Cultural Center, west of U.S. Highway 69/75, starting Aug. 16.

For more information on this road closure please visit and other social media sites of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.


Road Closure