School field trips


Educators and staff can book tours for their students during operating hours. School groups are limited to 60 students per visit and must be booked in advance. School group tours can be self-guided or hosted. Hosted tours are not available for children in first grade or younger.


Students have the opportunity to go through an immersive learning experience on Choctaw history and culture. Students and chaperones can go through a hosted or self-guided tour of our exhibits. Hosted tours last approximately 45 minutes. Self-guided tours allow for students and chaperones to walk through the various spaces within our facility at their own pace.


School groups are welcome to dine during their visit. School groups can book buffets for their students in advance through the Office of Special Events or bring sack lunches.
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• Students between the ages of 6-18 will be charged $6.00 for admission. Chaperones will also be charged $6.00 per person.
• School groups wishing to visit may book a hosted tour for up to 60 guests per visit.
• For grades 6 and above, one chaperone is required for every 15 students.
• For grades 5 and below, one chaperone is required for every 10 students.
• For ages 5 and under, one chaperone is required for every 5 children.
• Only up to 12 students/adults are allowed in the Hvshi Gift Store at a time.

The complete list of guidelines for groups is available in the document below. All groups should review the guidelines before arrival on campus at the Choctaw Cultural Center.


Parking at the is complimentary. School buses are welcome to park in the North parking lots.

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Yes. All homeschool groups are welcome to book a tour. Discounts are available to these groups.

Students between the ages of 4-18 will be charged $6.00 for admission. Chaperones will also be charged $6.00 per person.

School Groups can pay with cash, card, or check while in-person. School Groups should make one payment for all attendees in their group. Groups can also be invoiced after their visit.

We can accommodate up to 60 students per visit. For larger school groups, times will need to be staggered or scheduled for multiple days.

School Groups are welcome to schedule tours anytime during operational hours, Tuesday through Saturday, 10am-5pm.

Chaperones are required to support the tour guides. They help maintain groups within the exhibit while tours are provided.

If the group plans to arrive in a bus, staff will come outside to greet groups on the bus. When inside the building, the group point of contact can meet with Cultural Center staff at the Welcome Desk.