Daily Activities

Stickball Exhibition
Guests are able to observe and learn about stickball, its history and the various techniques to the game, also known as “Ishtaboli” in the Choctaw language. Stickball is an ancient game that we continue to play today.

  • Tuesday-Saturday, 1-1:30pm

Social Dancing Exhibition
Guests will be able to observe Choctaw social dancing and may even be invited to join in. There are many different types of Choctaw social dances and during the exhibitions, we share their meaning and demonstrate the steps.

  • Tuesday-Saturday, 2:30-3pm

Cultural Demonstrations
Offering guests an opportunity to see first-hand how cultural items are designed and constructed. Demonstrations include Choctaw basket-making, Choctaw weaponry and the various types, as well as the construction of stickball sticks and balls. Visit with one of our knowledgeable cultural educators as they demonstrate these different techniques.

  • Tuesday-Saturday, 3:30-4:30pm

The Evolution of Chahta Education
This class explores the education system of the Chahta people, encompassing the periods from before European contact, after contact with the missionaries, during the period of government boarding schools, and ending with how the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma regained and re-established its own educational goals.

  • Tuesday-Friday, 3:30-4:00pm

The Scavenger Hunt
The scavenger hunt covers multiple areas within the CCC: Orientation Gallery, Front Lobby, Permanent Exhibits, Pre-Function/Auditorium, Champuli Café, and the Luksi Activity Center. The scavenger hunt has 15 questions total: 10 find the location of the picture questions and 5 short answer questions. The activity is intended for youth and teen CCC guests but can be for anyone including groups who wish to partake in a team building activity. Receive a reward upon completion.

  • See the Welcome Desk to Participate

Come and listen to Choctaw inspired and traditional stories for children by our educators.

  • Tuesday-Thursday, 1:30-2pm
  • Friday-Saturday, 11:30am-12:00pm

Site Tour
The site tour is a brief guide around the facility to help guests navigate their next endeavor at the Choctaw cultural center. Sites included are the Champuli Café, Orientation gallery, Kowi Chito Theater, Hvshi Gift Store and the Living Village.

  • Tuesday-Saturday, 2-2:30pm